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We design the lighting for interior and exterior architectural projects.
Consuline was founded in 1986 by Arch. Francesco Iannone and Arch. Serena Tellini.

We are professional lighting designers, which means we are completely independent
from industry and in no way involved in the sale or promotion of lighting fixtures.

The same Client deals with the lighting fixture's purchase trough his own commercial channels.
A lighting design project starts when we are assigned by a client to design the light for a space.
The lighting design solution takes shape in collaboration and agreement--- with the other
architects and/or engineers and/or project manager involved in the project.

We do not design electrical installations. These are handled subsequent to our work by qualified
electricians. Working in this way allows us to offer our client truly innovative solutions.
Our lighting projects often give rise to new lighting systems that are an integral part of the
coordinated image of the client.