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There are many talented people involved in architectural projects around the world.
We have decided to do what we do best: LIGHTING DESIGN.
Lighting Design is a serious discipline. The success of a project or the true quality of a specific
quarter of city can depend on the result of the lighting design applied. Only the absolute
independence of the Lighting Designer can guarantee the client that the lighting fixtures chosen
are the best solution for the specific challenges of the project.
In very specific cases, if there is nothing adequate on the market for a particular job, we will
design lighting fixtures ourselves.
An independent Lighting Designer, paid by the client, means "the professional is on the side of
the client and not on the side of the supplier."
Francesco Iannone and Serena Tellini are founder members of ELDA+ (European Lighting
Designers' Association) a European Association that guarantees that its Professional members
will provide the client with the best possible solution for his project.
Choosing an ELDA+ Lighting Designer, the client can rest assured that the design services
provided will be in the interest of the project and that the result will be of high quality.
The strict ethical code that ELDA+ members are obliged to respect is the best guarantee for the
client who wishes to view us as partners.
For more information, please visit www.eldaplus.org